Sustainability in every building

Our story

The construction and property industries have all the frameworks they need to make buildings sustainable. An ever-growing number of businesses have both the ambitions and the willingness to carry through. Still, few succeed. Today, our industry remains one of the world’s most resource-demanding and polluting.

Why does the reality diverge so much from our ambitions? Why are we stuck with so many unsustainable practices?

The interdependency of processes and standards, as well as the complexity in communication lines among stakeholders, are challenging to overcome in an analog world. The construction and property industries are among the world’s least digitized. This is preventing us from be proactive in our work for better and more environmentally friendly buildings – and it’s holding back our productivity growth.

This is exactly the type of environment where technology excels – and where our founder, Renate Straume, set out to make a difference.

Early 2019, she approached the professional co-founder Norselab with her vision for a more sustainable future for the property industry. Starting from scratch and leveraging our respective expertise areas, we decided to co-found Varig to become a driving force for positive impact in our industry.

By automating access to source data and digitize standards, processes and communication lines, Varig aims to provide owners, tenants and users of buildings with intelligible and useful insights to propel environmental-friendly decisions.

We never thought it would be easy, but our firm belief is that it can be done. Through the launch of our first product to the Norwegian property market early 2020, we have proved that we are on the right path. With a great team of industry people, sustainability experts and serial entrepreneurs, we continue our work to develop software for sustainable buildings. Now, the future is ahead of us.

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Our values

Our set of values guide how we think and act. They represent the core of our shared beliefs and structure everything we do at Varig.


Planet first!

Do what you can to help sustain our planet. Small or big, every action counts.


We fight ignorance and apathy, we promote knowledge and action. We believe in empowering people to act on what matters.


There are no limits to smartness! We can always think smarter, choose smarter, build smarter to make the most of every available resource.

Be good, be true!

Strive to be a good human. Respect others, embrace differences, spread kindness and stay true to who you are.

Our Team

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Renate Straume



Stefani Papadaki



Louisa Bronkhorst



Nina Adolfsen



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We are always looking for great professionals with a passion for sustainable buildings. Please drop us an email with your CV and a few words on your motivation if you wish to contribute to our vision!