Sustainability Insights that Inspire Good Decisions for your Buildings

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Software for sustainable property management

Working closely with leading property businesses and their tenants, we have developed a software to help you gain insights into the environmental footprint of your buildings, understand prioritized improvement areas and engage tenants in reaching your sustainability goals.

Through our data-driven and easy-to-use software, everyone involved with the building will understand how they can contribute to improving building sustainability through actions that make a difference.

Get intelligible insights and share them to inspire continued efforts

  • Visualize all your building data in a way that anyone can understand.
  • Share engaging screen views across the building to inspire small changes in everyday behavior.

When people learn about the impact of their actions, they are more likely to make changes. You will soon see more people taking the stairs, sorting their trash, switching off the lights – and helping you reach your sustainability goals!

Get on top of your environmental footprint and track your progress

  • Get insights into your footprint by visualizing data about both materials embodied in the building and operational variables such as electricity, heating and water.
  • Track your sustainability progress with precision and understand where to focus your attention.

When you know which factors impact your footprint, you can work systematically to achieve your goals. Now you’ll know which measures matter most!


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Set your sustainability goals and learn how to reach them

  • Select the UN Sustainability Goals to fit with your ambitions.
  • Track your progress towards your goals and share the results with your stakeholders.

People enjoy seeing actions produce results. By sharing your progress you will create engagement and inspire continued efforts from all stakeholders.



Varig launched to the Norwegian Market early 2020. To get more information about our pricing plans, please contact us.