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How buildings can become sustainable

The construction and property industries are increasingly concerned about today’s most pressing issue: the environmental footprint of buildings. Sustainability is already a key to competitiveness and is about to become a license to play also in our industry. Clients’ expectations, employees search for meaningfulness and regulatory changes are all impacting how we can and will operate for the years ahead of us.

However, there is no working around the fact that our industry is currently among the world’s most resource-consuming and polluting. 40% is the number that haunts us; we consume 40% of our planet’s resources and are responsible for 40% of global emissions.

The world still needs buildings. So, to us, there is only one question: how can we make every building sustainable?

There is no way we can continue operating in the same way as we do today. We need to find new ways of building, maintaining, operating and using buildings, so that they become gems both for the people using them – and for our planet.

At Varig, we believe that we need to work on first things first. There are so many benefits we could reap by just keeping up with other global industries on digitization. By fully digitizing all standards, processes and communication lines, we open up to a whole new perspective – and we can impact sustainability with what we already have at hand.

Sustainability in Every Building.
Enabled by Us. Powered by You.

Sustainability in practice

Today, many players build powerhouses and green buildings, and these efforts that are necessary for a more sustainable future for buildings.

At Varig, we choose a different approach. We believe that the greatest environmental savings can be achieved through better maintenance and operations of existing buildings.

All too often, we see practically new building being totally refurbished or repurposed. The intention is often to create better spaces for employees or users, but the truth is that every new material investment has a huge environmental cost. Today, there is no efficient tool to teach you about the environmental cost of such changes – or to show you what your options are.

Another challenge most property managers are confronted with is how to improve their footprint through improved operations – and understanding the impact of different measures. What matters most? Implementing waste bins for improved sorting, or investing in water-saving devices in sanitary areas?

With Varig, we aim to enable all stakeholders to make sustainable decisions in the buildings they own, operate or use.

Concretely, our software enables you to:

  • Inspire small changes in everyday behavior through effective communications.

When people learn about the impact of their actions, they are more likely to make changes to their behavior. Engaging users means that many people offer small contributions – such as taking the stairs or switching off the light – creating significant collective impact.

  • Learn how to reach your sustainability goals

By selecting the sustainability goals you wish to focus, you can track your progress and see which measures produce results. Varig also enables you to visualize which areas you should focus on to further improve your performance towards your goals.

  • Make decisions that matter

Using Varig, your will get a complete overview of your total footprint, including both material investments used in maintenance and operational variables such as electricity, heating and water. Through these insights, you will know which measures will make a difference

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