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Who we are

Varig is a Norwegian PropTech company currently on a mission to promote sustainability through improved property management. We provide a Software-as-a-Service  for property owners, managers and tenants to support their effort to drive positive change for both people and planet.

We believe that by providing all stakeholders with an easy way to understand the benefits or consequences of their choices, we can considerably reduce the environmental footprint of our buildings, extend their lifetime and improve building quality for users.

It is not by coincidence that the construction and property industries are commonly called “The 40% Industry”. They claim 40% of our resources and account for 40% of CO2 emissions globally. About three quarters of these emissions originate from the operations of our buildings.

What we do

Varig is a PropTech solution focusing on a transparent and holistic approach to sustainability in the building industry. Through smart technology, Varig will showcase how much CO2 has been spent to construct the building aiming to raise awareness on the impact of embodied carbon footprint and inspire more sustainable choices. It will also provide operational data, like waste, water and energy consumption to provide a holistic overview so property owners can take action and reduce the CO2 footprint of their buildings.

Working closely with leading property businesses and their tenants, we develop software to help you gain insights into the environmental footprint of your buildings, understand prioritized improvement areas and engage tenants in reaching your sustainability goals.

Supported by data-driven insights and action points, all stakeholders will be able to understand how they can contribute to improving the environmental performance of your property.

Contact us today to learn how your buildings can reach their full sustainability potential.

Our software will help you answer these questions:

  • How can we prioritize actions depending on the sustainability goals we have set for our buildings?
  • How can we engage our tenants and inspire them to contribute to our sustainability efforts?
  • What is the total footprint of our buildings, and what is our progress on improvement points?


We are proud to collaborate with several leading partners to achieve sustainability in every building.



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